Mengo School of Nursing and Midwifery was founded in September 1990. it is fully registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports, under the NURSING INSTITUTIONS ACT OF 1986. The school is a mixed institution for both male and female nurses. It is a privately owned school which introduces a New phenomenon in the education system, brought about by having good, experienced and knowledgeable instructors / lecturers who care for the students and are more than ready to impart knowledge and skills to the students.

The School of Nursing aims to be a centre of national excellence in nursing research, education and practice development.

The School uses a number of different learning and teaching strategies across our various courses and programmes. Often there is emphasis on assisting students to reflect on the relationship between their learning in the University and their learning in nursing practice and to transfer their learning from one situation to another.


As the school celebrates twenty two (22) years since it's inception, it also celebrates its innovations and endurance as a perfect education resource for aspiring nurse leaders Enrolment is limited to only students with advanced certificate of education and with at least three credits. For anyone to qualify as a nurse, one has to study for three full years after which he/she is awarded with a DIPLOMA.